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Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Please note: the manufactory has moved its blog to our new website:

If you move across and join us there, you can link into our Facebook place page, our online shop (eBay) and our new blog.

We'd love to hold onto you as our online customer, so please take the time to check out our new site.

Thanks for your patronage

Tanya & Cliff
August 2012

Monday, August 5, 2013

Retro furniture finds...

It's always heartening to find beautiful and practical furniture pieces to go on show in the manufactory.

At present, we have a gorgeous retro cherry red armchair that is nestling quite nicely near the front of our shop. I can just picture it by a fireplace creating a cosy reading nook, or maybe near a window for a spot of people watching...

We also have a handy little green laminate table with 2 green chairs in very good condition. A little smaller than a conventional sized table, it would fit into a smaller kitchen space quite easily. Dimensions are 76cm width x 122cm length.

Drop by and see more of our newly acquired retro pieces including assorted coloured telephones (rotary dial and push button), woven baskets that make awesome pots and gorgeous orange canister sets.