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Sunday, May 22, 2011

The door to the future

Well, we spent the weekend alternating between unpacking our belongings into our rooms above the shop, with working in the shop on the last bit of painting and fixing up of things.

The big change was to our front door. We decided to keep the original door for a while, rather than replace it with a new one. So we needed it to look a bit industrial...

Yes, that is real rust on a timber door.

I have used Porter's Paints 'Liquid Iron' base and 'Instant Rust' finish to rust paint all sorts of things in the past, so I knew it would work well on our door. The nice thing is that it will keep changing as it slowly rusts some more.

Then we got creative.

I raided my parts bins and found an old machine wheel for the door handle, and an old pressure gauge to decorate the door. The inside of the door has an old crank handle as the internal door handle.

All of this using old found junk, so it will show people what can be done with the sort of stuff we will sell.

Only one thing to do - get 810 back on the door so people can find us!

1 comment:

  1. Very nice effect, don't forget the online catalogue for out of towners