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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Have you seen Madame Brussels?

If you have found your way to our little shop lately, you may have noticed our new front window display.

Madame Brussels is on display, advertising our new collection of pocket sized books from Arcade Publications, right here in Melbourne.

We stock the following titles, each one a pocket history on an amazing part of Melbourne.

- EW Cole: Chasing the Rainbow.
- MacRobertsonland.
- Madame Brussels: This Moral Pandemonium
- Making Modern Melbourne

They make great gifts if you want to give someone a little part of Melbourne.


  1. I have read MacRobertsonland, and it is wonderful! Well researched, engaging, fun and full of great information about Melbourne's past.

    Certainly makes me want to read the others.

  2. Hi, we are trying to get in touch regarding a large scale night time theatre spectacular featuring BIG turn of the century steam traction engines, metal pouring, smoke and lights and with a steampunk overlay. We would love to work with you on recreating Heroes engine with steamies from the Goldsmith steam preservation association. we are currently writing grant applications and are VERY interested in discussing a collaboration with you. Myself and Ken Evans are theatre makers and most recently presented a show at Fed Square using fire, shadow theatre, a wood chopper and a vintage engine. All this requires a much bigger conversation but we don't seem to be able to find a contact number for you. Time is of the essence so if there is anyway of contacting us asap it would be great. Project is next year, grants due next week! Regards, Rebecca Russell 0409 359 525

  3. Hi Rebecca, it was great to chat to you the other day. Waiting on a copy of your submission so we have a clearer idea on what is involved and what you are hoping to achieve. Cheers, Tanya

    BTW our phone number is (03) 9484 6001