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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Vintage find alert and our upcoming newsletter

For those of you with a keen sense of style, the Planet lamp is an iconic Australian. These lamps were first designed in the 1960s and seem to occur in just about every retro shop. Although a little newer in era than our usual vintage finds (c1920-1950), we have a beauty in store. Retrofitted onto a metal base, this lamp is ready for you to plug in and admire! Sorry this item is now SOLD.

We are starting a seasonal newsletter. When you're next in-store, sign up to have yours delivered directly to your mailbox, or your email inbox, whichever you prefer.

The Summer edition will feature:
- a discount voucher (for you and a friend)
- vintage finds
- new stockists
- our handmade products

So now you can hear about what we are stocking before anyone else!

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