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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Amazing Vintage Finds

If you haven't been into our little shop for a while, you may not know that we have picked up some wonderful vintage items from Castlemaine and South Australia recently.

From trikes, to carts and a rocking horse, to wall clocks, fobs, industrial shelving and stencils, we are nicely stocked up (sorry, the lovely horse is now SOLD).

That being said, we brought into the store last evening two of the most beautifully preserved folding measuring staffs that I had ever seen. Made in England by the engineering company Holbro, their colour and patina is just gorgeous. And after today, we have only one left (some of our regular customers are just so wonderfully regular)!

This staff is a trifold, measuring 90cm in length, and is secured with a leather strap (each segment is around 30cm). It complements our stick of inches, yard sticks, dumpy level and surveyors measuring staffs (metal and wood) quite nicely too. POA.

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