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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Natural History in New York

There were three key amazing experiences that we took away from our New York trip. Interestingly, each is rooted in nature.

Firstly, the American Museum of Natural History located adjacent to Central Park was masterful. It contained the best examples of taxidermy in naturalised environments that I have ever seen:

The hall of biodiversity was simply awe inspiring, demonstrating a small snapshot of the range of species our earth supports:

Of course, it may be preferable if the hundreds of school children that were visiting the museum (on our day) were seeing these animals in a free range zoo. Or even better, in their natural habitat. But this is New York city, and just about every square inch is built upon.  

We did manage to find a zoo on the High Line (more of this great green linear space in another post). Although the Natural History Museum is more realistic, someone is having fun with a spare rooftop:

We have constantly debated the role taxidermy has in our little shop. Yes, it's hot right now and everyone seems to have a moose or a buck hanging on their wall. 

Yet we have opted to go with stylised versions, made of ceramic or resin. Even the very life-like raccoon skulls we brought back from NY are made of resin. 

And we are at peace with that decision. 
So too is 'Noodle':

Stay tuned for two other favourite NY experiences...

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