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Monday, September 17, 2012

customers+business owners=amazing photos from maho and pea

We are fortunate to have many talented customers who run their own businesses too. Sometimes we can combine both of our businesses for additional benefits and that's just great!

Such creative customers include interior stylists, artists, architects, builders and decorators, garden designers, authors, food stylists, bloggers and many photographers.

When one of our customers (who is also a photographer) asked if she could photograph our little shop, of course we said yes!

Peta Calvert (Pea) is one half of maho and pea, photographers who are keen to help you document whatever story you wish to tell.

Peta took some beautiful photos of our shop:

Take a look here at their website:

These photos capture the story of the manufactory by showcasing the beauty of age alongside the freshness of growing things and the brightness of the new.

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