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Monday, January 28, 2013

Re-Opening @ 881 High Street Thornbury

Tomorrow, Tuesday 29 January, the manufactory re-opens its beautiful double glass doors at 881 High Street Thornbury @ 10am.

We are now located across the road from our first shop, just half a block back towards the city (south). We're so close, you can even see the lovely double fronted window displays of our new shop from outside the old.

We've taken a few snaps to give you a feel for the new space. Moody evening lighting of the two generous window bays:

We are so excited to offer you more space to browse, to visualise, to plan and to select. We have increased our floor space, and will offer more homewares and gifts for sale. Keep an eye out for new product lines due in the next few weeks. Just about the only thing that hasn't increased is our prices.

A sneak peak inside the new manufactory:

We have been so fortunate to have many generous offers to assist with our shop move. A very special thanks goes to Caleb (for his brute strength) and both our parents for their support. Thanks also to all the locals, customers and traders who have popped by in the past 4 days, encouraging us and giving us the big thumbs up (we assume that means you like it!).

And finally, onto a more serious note. Our beloved old rusty door. We did not bring the door across with us. So what have we done? You might just have to drop in and see what we have made of it @ 881 High.

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