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Friday, February 1, 2013

Vintage window dressing in February

This year at the manufactory we are presenting our window displays differently. We plan to offer a wider range of items on a month by month thematic basis. 

For example, we could display a garden party in March, a winter wonderland in July, a Fathers Day workshop for September and of course, Christmas lights in December.

During each month, we will offer several special core pieces for lay-by purchase. Other accompanying items will be available for immediate purchase. The lay-by pieces will be available on a first in, best dressed basis. These items will then be available for pick up at the end of each month.

For example, our February Retro-Botanical window display has the following core pieces available as lay-by items:
  • pair of retro footstools (one is sold)
  • fun, pair of retro stencilled chest of drawers (POA)
  • Mignon type-sleeve typewriter, made in Berlin, c1924 (POA)
Window display items available for immediate sale are:
  • stunning botanical charts, 10 different designs available (10 sold, more available in store now)
  • bakelite intercom phone, retro camera, kitchen canister tins
  • classical new teacups, available in 6 colours
  • beautiful bell jars, 35x20cm

Here's a close-up photo of the LHS window bay. One of the core pieces available for lay-by is this funky stencilled chest of drawers. Please note: this is not a piece for the serious retro collector, it is just for fun:

And a close-up of the RHS window bay. This details the second stencilled chest of drawers available for lay-by. Also in this window bay is one of a pair of retro footstools and the Mignon type-sleeve typewriter:

Stay tuned, as we will blog the window displays for you every month. If you are quick, you can snap up a great range of items.

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